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Enabling women in urban slums in India find their power

Our Vision

To make a positive difference in the lives of poor women in urban contexts by providing them with opportunities and resources that can improve their livelihood and economic standards


Our Mission

To provide under privileged women in India with economic support to start small economic ventures (and other support as required) and put them in charge of their lives


Story of Hemavathy


Story of Radha


Story of Lilly


Story of Umavathi

What we do

Financial Support

No interest credit

Provide no-interest credit for any business or self-employment venture founded by women from under-privileged sections of the community

Open doors with integrated training

Our social and economic empowerment efforts provide marginalized women with the opportunity, often for the first time in their lives, to come together in groups to build support networks, share experiences, learn critical skills, and to access new resources.

Sustainability Support

Livelihood Support

Support holistic growth

 Women learn basic business skills and vocational skills which equip them with earning power in their local markets. They help each other find solutions to common challenges.

Women learn how to manage their health, and the importance of good hygiene and nutrition for their families. Most importantly women learn to take complete control of their life, both within and outside of their home and to make their own choices and decisions

Get Involved

Fund Our Groups/ Individual Women

Make a financial commitment to fund either individual women or a group of women. Write to us and we will get in touch to discuss the next steps. 

Partner With Us

We partner with small, local, non-governmental organizations, that can identify groups of women that we can support and help aid. Write to us and we will get in touch to discuss the next steps. 

Be A Mentor

 Adopt a group of women to mentor and advise as they walk their journey to financial independence. Write to us and we will get in touch to discuss the next steps.